Why men don’t tell their partners they are taking erection pills?

A study made on 27,000 men where they asked if they told their partners that they take erectile dysfunction medication. The men were also asked why they did or did not tell their partners.

Responses were anonymous.


ü Older men were much more likely to tell their partners. Most young men did not tell their partners, most older men did.

ü Younger men (under 40 yrs) — 7 out of 10 approx (67%) did NOT tell their partners.

ü Middle-aged men (40–60 years) — 3 out of 10 approx (33%) did NOT tell their partners.

ü Older Men (60+ years) — 2 out of 10 approx (17%) did NOT tell their partners.

It is striking that 83% of older men confided in their partners, compared with only 33% of younger men. It is also interesting to see how men who tell their partners value sharing and openness.


Reasons for not telling their partner included embarrassment, fears the female partner would think she was unattractive, and damage to male pride.

Reasons for men telling their partner included a need for honesty in the relationship, a preference for sharing, the effects are quite obvious, and so they could plan to be together at the right time for it to work.

Reasons are given for not telling their partner:

· Embarrassment

· Feel less of a man

· My pride would be seriously dented!

· She would be likely to assume I no longer found her attractive

· Embarrassment for me and they would be upset that I didn’t find them attractive.

· Male pride I am afraid! Also, my wife would probably make a big deal of it and take the p**s!

· She would feel cheated and that the medication was responsible for the erection and not her.

· I see no logical reason why I should. If I have a headache I take two tablets I do not see any reason to tell her that either.

· I like her to be proud of my erection.

· Embarrassed.

· She would feel cheated and that the medication was responsible for the erection and not her.

· She knows that I have taken it however I do not tell her each time I take it. I am a little embarrassed.

· I don’t always need it and deciding when to tell would be tiresome. Also, I’m not monogamous but one partner does know.

Reasons are given for telling their partner:

· Because we love each other.

· Honesty is the foundation of a relationship. Without it, the relationship falls.

· My wife is very satisfied with me taking the medication, it’s saved my marriage thankfully.

· She was involved in the decision to take it.

· I used to keep it secret but now my wife knows it’s so much better, not having to take tablets and pretend all is good.

· She knows I struggle to get it up and she loves it when I take one as it really helps.

· Because she found them so I had to tell her.

· Do not want her thinking it’s her fault when I lose the erection.

· I didn’t until very recently. She said that knowing explained why there had sometimes seemed to be a “scheduling issue”.

· Best to be honest, why hide a medical problem from your partner.

· I would be lying if I didn’t tell her.

· Reduces anxiety.

· Because honesty is a must in a relationship and she is very supportive to me.

· Because I feel it is very important, to be honest about my condition.

· I prefer to be truthful with my partner.

· Because we have a very open and frank relationship; which includes being straightforward about our lovemaking — what pleases one another.

· She knows I had problems and was happy for me to try something to rectify the situation.

· She is understanding.

· It helps to plan and supports our relationship with honesty.

· We are in this together and I need her support.

· She reads all my credit and debit card returns — combines that with the fact that I had a raging boner every Sunday morning and it was all rather obvious!

· She’s my wife! It’s obvious if I haven’t taken my little blue pill.

· It is important to both of us, I can’t imagine not telling her.

· Because I can’t perform as much as she would like, but the tablets I take make it possible more often, which suits us both.

· She is involved in all my medical decisions.

· She asked and said it was nice that I was trying to do something if I thought it was a problem.

· Because we have been married for 40 years and she knew about the problem as soon as I did.

· To let her know that I still want to make love to her and will do anything to help me do that.

· It allows time for the medication to work — so she has to be aware of the need for some delay.

· She is amazed and excited by the effect it has.

Is a man really a man if he needs sexual enhancement pills?

Our species, homo sapiens, was designed by evolution and has but one purpose... That males and females grow old enough to be fertile, to then reproduce (at least once), and then stick around long enough to raise the offspring to the point that they can fend for themselves.

Nothing else is required for our true purpose. So once a man is old enough to have had kids, then nature is done with him, and he is free to go away and fall apart and die. But that doesn’t change him from “being a man.”

And not every male has to make it that far as long as enough do so to maintain the species.

Everything else, including fantasies about what “makes a man” is just that, a fantasy that has no intrinsic meaning.

I am in full control of my life and like to enjoy every aspect of it! I like to read, I like to write; I like to think, I like to dream; I like to listen